Why Choose Rydd

Why Rydd

Fact-Based Approach

When problems arise, we always have a systematic process of finding a solution by collecting the right data, verifying the source of data then performing analysis to grab valid insights. By then, we can get proposed solutions that we will inform Clients. In our works, we always avoid using guesswork or hunch when dealing with problems & solutions.

Analytical & Practical

Our strength is mainly based on the ability to collect data and analyze information to speed up the process of problem identification. Once the problem is identified then recommended solutions can be explored. With updated data, we can understand the pattern of the problems and anticipate in advance what actions to be taken when problems occur. Our proposed solution shall be practical and doable so it can be executed right away at the site of Clients.

Solution Oriented

Our 3-key-focus is always on (1) what can be done to make things right (2) what went wrong and what can we do now to fix and (3) what lessons can be learned so we can use them forward. We don’t believe in finding excuses or playing blaming game will help us solve the issue because it can add up more pains than gains to the team and the problem will be lingering on which is bad to the Customers. Therefore, a question of whose fault is not something we are interested to talk about.

Responsive & Communicative

When dealing with our clients, we listen closely to their questions to understand their needs precisely before responding with answers. In our dictionary, we always try to be responsive as well as communicative whenever we have a chance to communicate with them especially during the time of downtime. Keeping Clients updated with every progress is a must and we keep this key habit as our trademark.


In the past 15 years, we have developed a specialty in Financial Industry that makes us a valued expert in this field. With broad knowledge and deep experience of dealing with various assignments at Call Centers, we understand deeply every telephony issue both at Telemarketing and Verification or at Collection and Operation. We hold all skillsets needed to manage this efficiently!