15 Years As The Leading Telephony Service Provider in Jakarta

Now you can have the fullest confidence of knowing that you have chosen one of the most experienced Telephony Service Providers.

About Rydd

Rydd is an established company based in Jakarta that specializes in providing Telephony Services for 15 years.

As we developed deep knowledge and skill in the field of telephony service, Rydd spends 100% of expertise focused on identifying problems and providing recommendation then implementing solutions.

Now you can have the fullest confidence of knowing that you have chosen one of the most experienced Telephony Service Providers in Jakarta whenever you think of finding telephony service solutions.

In our world, we are committed to delivering exceptional, precise, and comprehensive solutions to clients with the highest standard for quality and confidentiality. That’s what makes Rydd different from our competitors.



At Rydd, we focus on key issues such as growing profitability by cutting down the telephony costs and improving productivity. Our expertise was well developed in key segments such as Financial Services, Start-Up & Healthcare.

Solution Oriented

At Rydd, we believe every problem always comes with a solution. Our work is to help identify the source of the problem then provide the right recommendation or a better way of solving the issue.

Fast Response

At Rydd, we believe in speed when it comes to customer support and that’s why our fast response is what separates us from the competition. Fast is good and we keep challenging ourselves to be always fast besides being responsive and communicative.


Toll Free Number

It lifts us a level of customer service by having a toll-free number because it is accessible to customers to call you at any time without being charged. This also an asset that helps every company to treat their customers conveniently by having their questions answered via telephone, and again, without any cost!

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Clear Channel

A Fixed-Line Telephone, or sometimes called a Landline is a telephone system that consists of two endpoints where the connection to an end customer by cable. This is a different dimension from a mobile phone network in which connects via wireless transmission technologies.

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VoIP Premium

As it goes with time, we have seen many benefits that VoIP has brought into the business especially with the concern of cutting the telephony cost immediately. And yes, the main reason why VoIP is widely accepted because it offers a Low-Cost per call which is amazing.

Of course, as this technology grows and competition deepens we have witnessed the dark side of this VoIP comes to the surface as voice quality has been dropped. Many providers have sacrificed voice compression to get the cheapest price and it leads to the bad reputation of VoIP in the market. In this view, we only serve VoIP Premium!

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Cloud Based IP Telephony Service

Flexibility. Reliability. Low Cost. Those are major benefits of having a Cloud-Based IP Telephony Service in which many features can also be added such as IVR, Recording, and Analytics. This service is also really reliable and people with high mobility have a perfect answer with this service because it allows us to call at any time as long as we are connected to a stable internet connection.

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