VoIP Premium: Everything You Need To Know!

VoIP Premium

Exploring over 15-year in the telco business with a load of trials and errors between key elements to find the perfect formula of VoIP Premium, here we are sharing 3 Critical.

Elements that we must know about having VoIP Premium as under:

  1. Voice compression. This is where the hidden trick is vaguely done to find the cheapest rate at the expense of voice quality. Major providers do this, but not Rydd!
  2. Top-Rated Equipment. This is uncompromised as we only use the Carrier Grade equipment with reputable brands such as Cisco or AudioCodes and the voice results are as good as you’ve expected
  3. Excellent Internet bandwidth. Without a doubt, as VoIP is internet-related technology, the requirement for bandwidth shall be well managed without compromise and this what separates the best from the rest

If you provide all such above with care, we guarantee you the best quality of voice that we call VoIP Premium! 

Considering VoIP Premiun Service?