3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Cloud Based IP Phone Now

Cloud Based

One thing to first mention that this phone can only work properly when we have an internet connection with the upload speed at least 1MB to enjoy the stable voice quality. Here are 3 reasons as under:

  1. Flexibility and Less Cost
    It is massively flexible and this service allows us working remotely from anywhere in the world besides it comes also with less cost -and in our case, it is 50% less if compared to normal fixed line’s rate-, which is really good.
  2. Broad Features
    If you run a concept of WFH -working from home- then this service fits best the bill because it comes with amazing features such as Recording, Monitoring Dashboard & Analytics including Spying feature which is the highlight of our products.
  3. Ease of Use
    As simple as we use our smartphone is the answer of the question on how to use this Cloud Based IP Phone service. We just need to install in our smartphone then follow the instruction given and that’s it. Then you can work from multiple locations on your choice without any constraint on geographical coverage.
Considering Cloud Base Phone?