3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Telephony Service Provider

Do you seem a little unhappy with your current telephony provider?

If yes, you are not alone as almost 40% of our Clients have experienced such a bad journey with unreliable telephony providers in the past in which what was promised earlier could not be delivered later. Even worse, the term “over-promised under-delivery” becomes a constant repeat.

So, how to avoid such things from happening?

Well, let’s sail with us. Rydd has been over 15 years, making us one of the most trusted telephony service providers. Once you join us, you’ll never have such a headache anymore!

Let’s walk thru the 3 common mistakes that you shall identify early to avoid the “booby traps” set up by unreliable telephony providers as under:

1. Lowest Prices

Everything comes with a price! We all heard that and it also applies in this industry. Those who offer the lowest price will compensate you with bad -if not worst- quality of voice, and it is normally combined with worst customer supports that forces your blood pressure to a higher level.

So, whatever they promise you during negotiation, in our learning, be ready to face that only 60% can be delivered because quality always comes with a price, like or dislike.

2. Widest Services

When one company offers you a list of services from A-to-Z then you shall verify with thoughtful questions because it is also an indication that this company might be bluffing to impress you then grab your business. In this industry, each comes with their expertise and that’s why we strongly recommend you to always trust then verify otherwise you’ll be trapped in those BS that finally leads you to a frustrated business situation especially when it comes to final delivery.

3. Know It All

As indicated in point 2, raise your alarm to the best when one company convinces you that they can manage all from Alfa to Omega. No way! The truth is we have fixed plenty of unfinished troubles that were left behind by unreliable telephony providers because of this promise of “Know It All”.

Interestingly, some of them are still around with a sinking reputation. One added thing, this kind of player also loves badmouthing their competitors to make them look better in the eyes of Clients.

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