4 Hidden Costs In Telephony Service (That Save Your Massive Budget in 2021)

Well, you don’t have to be a telephony expert to identify some unnecessary costs that you shall not pay because you don’t deserve too.

But the surprising figure is 65% of our Clients still make the same mistakes and this makes their telephony bill is still higher than expected and in fact, their charged cost per minute is even 25% higher than the published rate promised to them.

This is unexpected and this is why Rydd exists to help you to make the best of the telephony deal!

Let’s discover 4 hidden costs that we must avoid so our telephony bills would be most efficient:

1. Starting Time Charging

In our practice, we can only charge Clients when the phone is already connected, not when it is still in the ringing but some unreliable telephony providers do the opposite by charging since the phone rings to compensate for the lower price that is offered. In the end, you must pay a higher price!

In short, this “early” starting time charging can add up to 26% of the total traffic on average because people tend to answer calls after 3-ringing or longer and this is a goldmine to cash in.

2. Interval

This has to be asked first before going into the further topic. Why? The interval charging makes a huge difference in the final price charged, and therefore, you shall work hard to find the best possible deal, namely, the interval charging shall be based on second. Why? Charging by second is the fairest deal we can suggest because it works in the best message “pay as we use”

In our monthly analysis, the price of calling from Fixed Line (021 xxx) to Mobile Phone (08 xxx), in the same region of Jakarta, we find that the final charged price is IDR 839/minute from the published rate of IDR 535/minute. In short, 57% higher! Why can be 57% higher? Because of the trick of charging interval.

3. Setting-Up

This is another way of adding cost but done in a sophisticated way, in which they copy the practice that has been done for many years in this telephony industry. For us, this cost has to be removed because we don’t see a valid reason why this the cost has to be added because no tedious works are done when setting up the telephony-service in these days.

4. Pay Per Visit

Be watchful when this is listed. Why? This is an indication the offered services might have many issues so they might plan to plant many potential issues in this service that forces you to ask them to come and fix it, meaning, pay them. Avoid the telephony provider who lists down in their offering proposal.

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